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Diversity and Exuberance – Panoramas of Iran.

Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji is an Iranian photographer whose work I already mentioned here, introducing his mosque photos – well, more – mosque flowers, full of colors and amazing light.

There are some great news – he has a new site, you can check it out here. To get you excited about his work and his new photos, I am posting this random collection of the lovely moments he captured so far. I think it is a beautiful portrayal of Iran in its diversity  – from the amazing Bafgh desert at night to Theran’s towers and carpet repair workshops in Shiraz.


600006_10151094035054155_1688659751_nBafgh Desert at Night 

1239657_10151926184579155_733728856_nAzadi (Shahyad) Tower , Tehran , Iran

1398974_10152101519869155_1451639517_oChoret Lake , Mazandaran , Iran

1497720_10152176360829155_1755420827_nWinter in Mazandaran

1901159_10152325876384155_643173717_nEram Garden , Shiraz , Iran

1653533_10152369305194155_1132995383_nCarpet Repair Workshop, Shiraz, Iran (all photos © Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji)

For more of Mohammad’s work – visit his website and his facebook page.

art of resistance, Iran

The Iranian Knot (traditional vs. everyday life) by Jalal Sepehr.

Jalal Sepehr is an Iranian photographer. His work Knot series (2011) is comprised of 12 images all including a Persian rug (1m x 70cm) taken in the historic city of Yazd in central Iran. Contrary to initial intentions, some of the images in Knot make use of the historic scenes and examples of architecture found in Yazd.

In this series, Sepehr strove to depict a space in between traditional and everyday life in his pictures. To do so, he made use of the rug and architecture as representative of tradition in opposition to the individuals pictured, dealing with the issues of everyday life.

knot-4-rah“A contrast”, Knot Series, Jalal Sepehr

knot-abanbar“Uncertainty”, Knot series, Jalal Sepehr

knot-amir-chgmagh“A procession of mourning”, Knot series, Jalal Sepehr

knot-dastha“Hands”, Knot series, Jalal Sepehr

knot-do-panjareh“two windows”, Knot series, Jalal Sepehr

knot-ghale“A gate in the way”, Knot series, Jalal Sepehr

knot-ketab“A look at the past”, Knot series, Jalal Sepehr

knot-loolehaye-farsh“Closing and leaving”, Knot series, Jalal Sepehr

knot-partab“Thrown away”, Knot series, Jalal Sepehr

knot-pirmard“A half look at the past”, Knot series, Jalal Sepehr

knot-estade“A view”, Knot series, Jalal Sepehr

knot-jahesh“From this side to that side”, Knot series, Jalal Sepehr

Beyond having participated in tens of exhibits both abroad and within Iran, Sepehr’s photography has been featured in galleries worldwide, including his series titled Water at the Silk Road Gallery (Tehran 2004), and his series Knot at the Khaki Gallery (Boston 2011). Visit his official website for more.