Afghanistan, art of resistance

Kabul’s Pahlawan Gym Club, Wedding Party & Baba Taxi.

This headline might not make sense at first glance, but it will soon. Thanks to Versus Art, I discovered M. Sharif Amin, Kabuli artist who paints metal signboards. According to his Versus profile:

Mr. Sharif Amin is in his 50’s. He is from the earlier generation of Kabuli artists who lived through the Taliban. Amin was painting metal signboards when he was not allowed to create art. He has been using recycled and sheet metal to make popular, lorry truck, old school art instead. His work is both contemporary and reminiscent of old ways of painting in Afghanistan. Very few of the younger generation artists are following this school. However Amin has found a following in the expat market who are taken by his charming art and new thought – marrying the contemporary and the traditional in an interesting medium.








//all images via Versus. Visit them if you wish to see more or buy M. Sharif Amin’s art//