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Batniji’s Palestine: Suspended time, suspended reality.

Taysir Batniji is a Palestinian artist, born in Gaza, in 1966. He lives and works between France and Palestine. He has done many installations and performances during the last decade, and Suspended Time is one of them definitely worth mentioning.  It is very simple, which doesn’t make it less effective – it makes it even more powerful.


Suspended Time (2007)

A far cry from the exploitative imagery used by the media, Taysir Batniji puts forward an interpretation distanced from events that mark out the situation in his country of origin, events which have prevented his return to Gaza since June 2006.  Continuing the theme of a series of works produced by the artist since that historic date, Suspended Time is witness to a suspended reality, symbolized here by an hourglass placed on it side, which prevents the grains of sand from flowing freely.  From this constrained condition which is a part of everyday life for the Palestinians, and takes account of the complexity of such a restrictive existence upon the individual, Taysir Batniji has developed a work in dialogue with a socio-political theme determined by a relationship conditional to space and time.

For more of Batniji’s work, visit his official website.