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Capturing change: From mistress of Cairo to Martyrs of the revolution.

Denis Dailleux is a French photographer, but first of all and above all – he’s a true Cairo lover. His unique portraits of Cairo (and Egypt in general) are always a magical journey when you go through them.

Egypt had changed a lot from the first photos Dailleux took there, and I think those changes are best seen when you compare, when you confront them. That is what I want to do now.

First, here are the photos from Dailleux’s series Egypt , taken mostly between 2002 and 2005, some even earlier, in the 90’s.

The artist statement:

Between Denis Dailleux and Cairo, it is a true love story : on one side, an insatiable fascination for this unique place, its mood, its magical lights and an unspeakable tenderess towards its inhabitants ; on the other, a natural generosity, a city which offers itself to this subjugated look, inhabitants full of spontaneous kindness. Denis Dailleux makes regular trips to Cairo, in an obsessive way.

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i (11)all images © Denis Dailleux

Second Dailleux’s work I want to put a focus on is his 2013-2014 series – Martyrs of the revolution. 

Artist statement:

Through these photographs, Denis Dailleux pays tribute to the martyrs, these men and women – often young – who lost their lives during the Egyptian revolution of 28 January 2011, victims from the violence of the police and the pro-Mubarak militia.

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i (17)all images © Denis Dailleux

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For more of Dailleux’s great work, visit his official website.