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Five For Friday: Postcards From Syrian Refugees.

Postcards of Hope are the result of a series of art therapy workshops in Ramtha, Mafraq, Irbid and Zaatari camp organised by International Rescue Committee (IRC) . More than 70 Syrian refugees participated in the workshops, mainly women, adolescent girls and boys as well as children.

As it is stated on the official site of the project, “the postcards were a tool to encourage Syrian refugees to dare to dream, dare to hope again and are their messages to the world. Through the postcards created, images, refugee testimonies, and video, the resulting body of work presents a unique insight into the hopes and wishes of Syrian refugees living under harsh conditions.”

I am posting only five postcards today, but be sure to check out the rest.

1. “Despite the pain, the hope remains


2“I hope to live a flourishing life among my children”


3. “The love between the people”


4. “The calm of the sea”


5. “I hope to go back home”


//all photos © IRC//

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Postcards to Palestine.

Postcards to Palestine is a project I started about a year ago. My decision was to make postcards out of photos from various places I’ve visited or lived in, using the stamp State of Palestine created by Khaled Jarrar. Why?

Because it is my big hope and desire that people of Palestine will one day be able to send postcards from their country using ‘Palestine’ stamps, stamps of their country, and until then – we can use those stamps to show that in our countries, in our little places – we share that dream. These postcards are to show that I care, that I am informed, and that – until there is no peace in Israel and Palestine, there will be no peace wherever I go, because that story doesn’t leave me.

It is also very important to mention that the dream I have is the one where Israel and Palestine can both exist in peace, but for that to happen – it is necessary that Israel ends the systematic oppression and ongoing violation of human rights. Let’s not forget who is oppressing, and who are the oppressed.

I’ve shared the project with my friends and the people I know, and it spread around – people joined and started sending their images. The project is ongoing and if you want to be part of it and show your support you can send me your photos to, and I will edit them (add the stamp) and include them in future stages of the project. Or – you can make your own postcards! And don’t think about resolutions and aesthetics too much, it’s the message and effort that counts.

My hope is to gather as much postcards as possible, and maybe sometime in the future – exhibit them on a public surface, in a form of a big wall. Why wall? Beacuse walls are every day scenery to Palestinian people. I want to show that we can redefine those walls – and make one that is consisted of dreams, compassion, and hope.

Maybe, by making that, we can move one step forward towards breaking those ‘real-life’ walls.

Here are some of the images collected so far. They’ve arrived from all over the globe – from Ukraine, to USA, from Montenegro to Mexico.




















For more, go to the facebook page Postcards to Palestine, or e-mail me at