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Playlist: Atab by Cheb Abid.

110424_pages-from-beach_proof_2/Alexandria, 1959. Photo via Al-Mustarib/

I’ve heard this song, Atab, and it made me think of summer, sun, watermelons and evening walks and random dancing after having couple of drinks (too many).

It was really hard to find out something about the artist, Cheb Abid, but internet is a vast space always offering treasures for those willing to search.

And so I found out that Abid is a Palestinian artist, from the town of Hourah in Negev. His friends nicknamed him Il Cheb (The Young) because of his music’s North African flavor.

He’s also a member of the Union for Palestinian Artists in Ramallah. A singer, composer and an entertainer, he’s a part of an artistic group that protests through art, rejecting oppression, raising their voices for justice and human rights.

Even through love songs, I seek a reaction between the lyrics and the music. I respect the listener and try to present to him something worthwhile“, Abid says.

Enjoy his song Atab (with lyrics like “she winks at me and her eyelashes stop my heart”), and check out some of the other songs – if you are willing to search for more, the reward will be a truly pleasant one.

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