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The Feminism of Nizar Qabbani.

My newest article, The Feminism of Nizar Qabbani, is up on Muftah.

“Nizar Qabbani is one of the most famous Arab poets of the 20th century. From his direct, erotic poetry, addiction to women, and impulsive and passionate verses, to his constant criticism of Arab leaders and powerful calls for justice, sixteen years after his death, Qabbani remains an indispensable voice throughout the Arab world.”

show_942fa5a8-1879-4078-9c9f-8e2f5a190c9dNizar Qabbani /photo via Antika/

“Qabbani adressed many gender-related taboos, from the frustration of a woman whose husband will not satisfy her sexual needs, to the anguish of a pregnant mistress thrown out on the street by her lover for refusing to get an abortion. Out of his enormous love for the Arab world, Qabbani criticized what was wrong with the region, in the hope that progress and change for the better would come.”

It’s always inspiring to read and write about Qabbani. You can read the full article on Muftah.

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The Mystery of Karimeh Abbud: Lady photographer of Palestine.

My new article  The Mystery of Karimeh Abbud: Lady photographer of Palestine is up on Muftah Magazine!

Karimeh Abbud (1896-1955), also known as the Lady Photographer, was the first female Palestinian professional photographer living and working in Lebanon and Palestine in the first half of the twentieth century. According to research, Abbud may have been the first female professional photographer in the entire Arab world.

Read it all on Muftah!

karimeh_abbudKarimeh Abbud (wikimedia)