Afghanistan, art of resistance

Afghanistan, A Daily Distress.

Massimo Berruti’s black and white photographs always manage to take me places. I do not mean that in terms of geography, I am talking about something like an internal bleeding, chaos emerging from within.

From his Pakistan series (Hidden Wounds, Drones Victims, The IDPs Drama /the Swat Valley/, just to name a few), to his Afghanistan series I am focusing on today, Berruti ‘produces’ great photographic work – one that really makes the viewer involved and almost argus-eyed.

Afghanistan, a daily distress is Berruti’s project from 2008. Published by Agence VU, the project is not only about the contemporary conflict, it excavates the wounds of the past, presenting the exhausting state of a never-ending story.

In the words of Agence VU: “Massimo Berruti is not an «Embedded» photographer. His work in Afghanistan is not just about a war. It’s a story about Afghan people’s life, destroyed in their flesh and in their soul by a conflict, which has been gnawing them for a long time. Drugs, car bombs, minds that fall into madness slowly but surely. All this is present in Massimo’s pictures…but above all in the situation they document.”









//all images © Massimo Berruti/Agence VU//

For more on this project, go to Agence VU. For more on Massimo Berruti and his work, visit his Agence VU profile and his official website.