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Iraqi lessons in flying – The art of Jamal Penjweny.

My new article Iraqi lessons in flying – The art of Jamal Penjweny is up on Mashallah News. It’s been a pleasure writing about Penjweny’s work.

10672397_679626015453904_100086465766124042_nAngels of War, Jamal Penjweny

“Kurdish Iraqi artist Jamal Penjweny insists: ‘At the border, ‘the state’ becomes meaningless; identities and languages mix together, and we find ourselves as women and men sharing a common life story that defies sex, colour and nationality’. His work aims to combat stereotypes and serves as a reminder of one basis all human beings share. It is not enough to be an unbiased observer, Penjweny concludes. ‘As a part of society, an artist ought to challenge policies that aim to segregate individuals in pre-defined identities and confront their fears instead.’ ”

Read the full article and find out more about Penjweny and his photography on Mashallah News.