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Letters of Young Somali Refugees to Syrian Refugee Children.

Young Somali refugees living in Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya (the world’s largest refugee camp, home to nearly 400,000 refugees) have sent letters of encouragement to Syrian refugee children who have also had to flee their homeland.

In their letters, they write to to their „brothers and sisters“ with great kindness, encouraging them in their hours, days, months of darkness, emphasizing the importance of education and studying.


Hibo Mahamed Dubow wrote:

„I am really encouraging you not to lose hope, you will get peace and stability. I am encouraging you, I personally , to go to school and learn, in future you can rebuild your country, you will get peace and no longer be a refugee…





Dahir Mohamed wrote:

„Our beloved brothers and sisters, go and work hard in schools, be the stars and the new presidents of Syria.“




Abshir Hussein wrote:

Don’t become hopeless, have less worry about the matter. Try to start a new life which is much better than before. I wish peace for Syria. Always peace is the best.“




Zahra Dahir Ali wrote:

„How are you my dear brothers and sisters? How is the situation over there?

I am encouraging you to be educated in your country and go on with your learning, with your education… So, don’t be hopeless, we are with you, and if there’s war in your country tolerance is necessary.  My friends, I am telling you education is the key to sucess in your life, so be confident and be patient, so I am advising you to go back to your country and rebuild your nation so that it may be good and well.  And the more you get tolerant, the more you get goodness.”



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