Algeria, art of resistance

The story of Independence: Ali Zamoum’s family (Algeria).

Juliette Guillemot is a French photographer, with many interesting photo series on Picturetank. One of them is Ali Zamoum’s family (Algeria).

Artist statement:

During two visits to Algeria, Guillemot was immersed in the lives of a Kabyle family, the Zamoum family, in the village where the declaration of 1 November 1954 was first printed, marking the start of the War of Independance. Ali Zamoum was the one responsible for printing the declaration, before becoming leader of the resistance in Tizi Ouzou. Ali Zamoum died at the end of summer in 2004. However, the women of the family continue resolutedly to uphold the household and replace the men’s labour in the fields. The men are either deceased, or their professional occupations keep them far from home.






// all photos © Juliette Guillemot/Picturetank //

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