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Egypt, a Love Story.

Denis Dailleux is a French photographer who has spent last two decades photographing Egypt (Cairo mostly). Fascinated by the city and the spontaneus kindness of its people, Dailleux keeps on discovering new stories and capturing new faces. I already presented a lot of his work – From Mistress of Cairo to Martyrs of the Revolution, Sudan series, and Mother and Son.

I recently read Naguib Mahfouz’s The Coffeehouse (his last novel), a lovely little novel about friendship, life’s little pleasures (like the coffeehouse Qushtumur) , memory and loss.  Translator Raymond Stock notes that the novel is: “Fittingly final, as it is really a work of literary nostalgia“. Somehow, the novel brought the same feeling I have when I go through Dailleux’s photos of Egypt. As Mahfouz writes:

“Qushtumur the coffeehouse saw us take leave of our youth and our first steps into manhood. We spent our lives between work, culture, and evening conversation.”

So, I went through Dailleux’s photos again. The following ones are a mixture from his series Egypt, my Love, On the roofs of Cairo, Cairo (book selection), and On the footsteps of Oum Kalthoum, photos taken over a twenty year span (from 1992 to 2013). These photos are a testimony of love, love of life and human beings, universal love, beautifully captured in time and space.

















//all images © Denis Dailleux/Agence VU//

For more on Dailleux and his photography – viist his Agence VU profile, and his official website.


art of resistance, Sudan, travel

Sudan: The Sun & The People.

The work of Denis Dailleux keeps on inspiring me. From his great Egyptian photo series Mother and Son and Martyrs of Revolutionto his beautiful stories from Ghana and On the footsteps of Rimabaud (Ethiopia & Yemen). What makes it so enchanting and so real at the same time, is his way of capturing people – no matter how beautiful the scenery is, with Dailleux it’s always about the people.

Ten years ago, in his photo series from Sudan (Agence VU), Dailleux presents “a country marked by the sun and the languidness. As usual, the photographer achieves his photograph with people. And then, they accept to show their lives without any fireworks.”









//all images © Denis Dailleux/ Agence VU//

For more on this project, go to Agence VU, and for more on Dailleux and his photography – viist his Agence VU profile, and his official website.

And now – go through the photos again and listen to this great tune by the musical legends of the Sahara desert – Tinariwen.

art of resistance, Egypt

Egypt: Mother and Son.

Denis Dailleux is a great photographer I already wrote about, a true Cairo (and Egypt) lover. His work is a lasting tribute to the generosity of the Egyptian people he fell in love with on his first visit to Egypt (almost twenty years ago). Mother and Son is one of his most delicate projects. He photographed mothers and their sons (all of the sons being bodybuilders, so – at the first glance – big big machos stereotype). As Delphine Henry described it:

“With great respect and sensitivity, he takes us into these families’ inner sanctum, where a bodybuilder son’s absolute love sounds like an ode to all mothers, with the power to move viewers the world over.”

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iall photos © Denis Dailleux

For more on Dailleux’s work, visit his official website.

art of resistance, Egypt

Capturing change: From mistress of Cairo to Martyrs of the revolution.

Denis Dailleux is a French photographer, but first of all and above all – he’s a true Cairo lover. His unique portraits of Cairo (and Egypt in general) are always a magical journey when you go through them.

Egypt had changed a lot from the first photos Dailleux took there, and I think those changes are best seen when you compare, when you confront them. That is what I want to do now.

First, here are the photos from Dailleux’s series Egypt , taken mostly between 2002 and 2005, some even earlier, in the 90’s.

The artist statement:

Between Denis Dailleux and Cairo, it is a true love story : on one side, an insatiable fascination for this unique place, its mood, its magical lights and an unspeakable tenderess towards its inhabitants ; on the other, a natural generosity, a city which offers itself to this subjugated look, inhabitants full of spontaneous kindness. Denis Dailleux makes regular trips to Cairo, in an obsessive way.

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i (18)


i (11)all images © Denis Dailleux

Second Dailleux’s work I want to put a focus on is his 2013-2014 series – Martyrs of the revolution. 

Artist statement:

Through these photographs, Denis Dailleux pays tribute to the martyrs, these men and women – often young – who lost their lives during the Egyptian revolution of 28 January 2011, victims from the violence of the police and the pro-Mubarak militia.

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i (15)

i (16)

i (17)all images © Denis Dailleux

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For more of Dailleux’s great work, visit his official website.