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KOOZ | Palestinian Queer Film Festival.


Kooz is an independent queer film festival which features local, regional and international queer films that deal with issues related to sex, sexuality, gender and gender identity. Kooz, for the second year, remains the only queer film festival to be organised by Palestinians for the Palestinian community.

It offers an alternative to Israel’s pinkwashing policies and practices, and societal taboos regarding sex, sexuality and sexual freedoms. Showcasing contextualized perspectives and positionalities from within Palestine and the region reaffirms and encourages the notion of queer art and productions as tool for resistance in the struggle for sexual freedoms and national liberation.

Kooz further foments regional solidarity and collaboration by shedding the light on the intersectionality of regional and global struggles with the aim of advancing issues of sexual and bodily rights, moving alternative art from the margins to the centers, and standing against all forms of oppression.

The festival is organized by Aswat, Palestinian feminist movement for sexual and gender freedoms. They are currently having a fundraising campaign for the festival – you can find out more and support them here.

art of resistance

Taste of Home: A Kitchen Run by Refugees.


Taste of Home (Okus doma) is a social cooperative run by refugees, migrants and volunteers. It is a project I’ve been following for a long time now, and it makes me really happy its Indiegogo campaign has been launched today. Please – keep on reading, get involved, spread the word!

It is a project that could really help refugees and asylum seekers here in Croatia – it would provide them with a way to solve the biggest problem most of them face – the one of finding work, feeling useful and appreciated, being financially independent and able to share their knowledge and creativity.

Taste of Home gathers a group of individuals of all ages and backgrounds brought together by a common interest in food and cooking. They come from countries like Syria, Senegal, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Croatia. Their efforts help refugees and migrants earn a living and become settled in Croatia. Through culinary and cultural exchange they learn new skills, make friends, and become part of the local culture.

They want to expand their program to include a catering business specialising in African, Arabic and Middle Eastern cuisine and they need our help to bring this project to life!

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Check out their Indiegogo campaign for more information (of course – aside from being happy for contributing to such a lovely story – there are some other perks for all of you who choose to get inolved and donate). Let’s make this happen! ♡