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To Be A Poet: Story Of A Refugee.

i-d-activist-of-tomorrow-abe-nouk-to-perform-at-sydney-opera-house-1444199564/Abe Nouk, photo © Ben Thomson/

Abraham (Abe) Nouk is a poet, MC and author. He came to Australia as an illiterate Sudanese refugee and has become an award-winning spoken word artist and poet. His family arrived to Australia in 2004, as UN High Commission designated refugees. He taught himself how to read and write English in just three years after arriving to Australia.

He is now also a founder and director of Collingwood youth arts space, Creative Rebellion Youth. About the importance of art he says: “I think only art can save us in these times of conflict and political misunderstanding. Art is the only focus that might keep us from destroying the world – it’s an avenue for social change – once people get busy with art everything else falls into place.”

There is a short new documentary about Abe, called To be a poet: A Story of a Refugee. See it and listen to his wisdom, his ways of love and togetherness. Remember it in these times of refugee(s).

This is not a play

This is life

And some of us just want to live