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1001 Street Chairs of Cairo.

1001 Street Chairs of Cairo is a growing photographic archive of street chairs in the city of Cairo. Manar Moursi and David Puig aim to show that the street chair, in all its shapes, colours, and mutations, is much more telling than it appears on the surface. They started collecting chairs (photos) in 2001, and now they already have an inspiring collection (see the 1001 Chairs of Cairo tumblr).

About the project:

1001 Street Chairs in Cairo is a project which aims to create a photographic archive of street chairs in Cairo, exploring its urban dynamics through the lens of an often overlooked and apparently banal object. This visual research draws attention to creative practices of design that occur every day on the sidewalk and documents unplanned interventions in the public space that gives Cairo its distinctive character.






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For more on this project, visit their facebook page, tumblr, and read a great interview on Reorient.