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Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan… All dancing, all happy.

Pharrell’s Happy is a global hit, no news there.

But, you might not know how popular it is all over the Middle East. You might not know that with more than 17 “Happy” versions, Tunisia belongs to the countries with the largest contribution to the worldwide Happy phenomenon.

Pharrell himself tweeted the Tunisian video “Happy – We are from Tatooine”, a version of his smash hit in Star Wars-style.

Egypt will surprise you. Young and old people, dancing, clapping, laughing. And this is not just about the dancing, when we talk about the Middle East.  It’s about re-conquering and re-structuring public space, which is often limited to a repressive ruling elite and social restrictions.

CaptureHappy Lebanon 

It’s about insisting on happiness, no matter what. Let’s clap along and celebrate these moments!

To finish the post, here’s a small snip I made from Happy Jordan video. Enjoy and be happy!

cap4 cap6 Capture2 capture3