art of resistance, Tunisia

Playlist: Ghalia Benali.

/Ghalia Benali, photo © Cidric Saletnik/

I just realized I haven’t written anything about Tunisia in a while, which is a shame. I will make up for it sometime soon. In the meantime, new Playlist edition allows me to share songs by one of the greatest Tunisian singers – Ghalia Benali.

Benali writes songs, sings and dances, and she does it all in the most beautiful way (just listen to her voice, how easy it all seems). She was born in Belgium, grew up in Tunisia and returned to Belgium at age of nineteen to study graphic design.

She regularly visits Tunisia and performs all around the (Arab) world – always with outstanding musicians in her band.

Somebody wrote that Benali is a “microcosmos that merges the Arab musical legacy into something new”. I agree. Enjoy this haunting music.

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