art of resistance, Lebanon

Playlist: Yasmine Hamdan.

maxresdefault/Yasmine Hamdan, photo: ytb-prtsc/

It’s hard not to love Yasmine Hamdan. I am sure you’ve heard of this Lebanese goddess and there is a great chance she enchanted you in Only Lovers Left Alive, singing her mesmerizing song Hal.

Hamdan is now based in Paris, where she continues to make great music. She first became known with Soapkills, the duo she founded with Zeid Hamdan while she was still living in Beirut.

Her solo album Ya Nass came out two years ago, and it brought so much freshness to the world of Arab music. For years, Hamdan was an icon of underground music across the Arab world, but she’s finally getting more recognition – not just in the Arab countries, but all over the world.

I am so excited for her, and I want to continue enjoying her music for many more years to come. Click on the video, let Hamdan cast her spell.

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