art of resistance, Morocco

Between France and Morocco: Stateless and nostalgic.

Malik Nejmi is a French photographer of Moroccan descent. From 2001 to 2005, he collaborated with his father in “El Maghreb,” the outcome of an identity quest and a photographic narrative drawing a parallel between past and present, text and image.

Artist statement:

“…My pictures don’t fit in a human drama taken on the fly. It deals with the breakdown of the moroccan youth on one hand, and on another hand, weighs on contemporary stakes of migrations ; until underliying the tension of action, the moments when spaces cross, overlay and respond. The tragedy is somewhere else. This is the « white » Africa wounded by the protectorate fiction. The aim was to take pictures of Morocco to unframe France. Nor my identity neither History let me the choice : both stateless and nostalgic…”








//all photos © Malik Nejmi/Agence VU//

For more on this project, go to Agence VU.

For more on Malik Nejmi and his photography, visit his official website.


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