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Windows from Gaza – War Insane.

Basel Elmaqosui is a Palestinian painter, photographer and video artist. Born in 1971 in Gaza City, Basel always seeked for new ways to express himself and the chaos of life in Gaza. His artworks have been exhibitied all over the Middle East and Europe, and he has won many awards. He is also the founder of Windows from Gaza – Windows for Contemporary Art.

Here is one of his artworks – War Insane.

Artist statement:

To my Mother, my wife and my sister who have been kidnapped by the war insane
To Zeyad Deep, who lost 15 members of his family by the bombardment of the war insane.
To the mother who sowed the wound of her child and then he slept dead between her arms for four days.
To all of  those who lost their houses (I’m one of them), to all those left broken-hearted and hurt by the white phosphor, the tanks, the bulldozers, the air forces of the war insane.








/all images © Basel Elmaqosui/

For more on Elmaqosui and his work, visit his facebook page and Windows from Gaza.


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