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Sometimes when I am sad (poetry).

Times of chaos – all over and all over again. So I write.

Sometimes when I am sad (31st July, 2014)

We don’t do body counts
The general says
Until it’s our blood and flesh
Then we’ll put in on the billboards
Travel across the ocean
How could they
Wednesday 30 July 77 killed
12 at the wedding by rocket
But the generals say they do not do body counts
Not for the other side
The general is retired now
Runs a firm
active in the disaster recovery industry
how convenient
but private consultants have no advice on Iraq
july casualties so far – 1464 civilians dead
somebody keeps on counting
somebody appreciates life on both sides
and justice above your dirty games


i saw a photo of a man
selling flowers in Damascus
they bought bouquets of violets from him
say he’s romantic and takes time to make good displays
i don’t know where that man is now
maybe among those 120 dead during eid al fitr
or those nine million that had to leave their homes
why should I care
the trailer for Interstellar is out
it stopped raining today
the rice smells great
and then I eat it
and then I beg for forgiveness
all of them in
Baghdad, Homs, Aleppo, Falluja, Shirqat, Gaza
I am sorry
For I fool myself
There’s nothing I can do
To help you
Nothing I can do to reduce the sum
Your body count
And I am sorry
For the world doesn’t care for you
not even when you’re reduced to numbers
Humanize Palestine is a great blog
I’ve met Shayma Sheikh Khalil and Shayma Sheikh Qanan
5 days old and 23 years old
The first one born prematurely
Died prematurely
The second
Eight months pregnant
6 days dead now

I am sorry

But what do you have from my sorrow
And in Yemen
Awuda is twelve
Born during Abdurahman’s detention in Guantanamo
Still sees her father only on posters
And her name means
„come back“
But names do not bring people back
What does
Who knows
If you do
Let Awuda know

I grieve for the people
That didn’t make it in todays newspapers
Because Orlando Bloom punched Justin Bieber
And I grieve
For there’s so many more to grieve for
Millions of those that don’t make it in my daily schedule
And I grieve
All of those I grieve for
Have nothing from my sadness


I am not a general
And generals
They don’t do body counts


Ivana Perić/Middle East Revised



6 thoughts on “Sometimes when I am sad (poetry).

  1. Writer's Dream says:

    Raw, authentic and passionate!! Excellent piece of work!! Thank you for asking us to remember!!

  2. 20 says:

    I have a friend in Homs, he showed me some photos of how shattered this town is now. I dont care about celebrity news and never read that trash, i read intelligent things and i am sick of all the wars going on. The sad thing is that people who trully want to help, cannot help much.

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