art of resistance, Lebanon

Fairuz in records.

I’ve already written about Fairuz, the great Lebanese singer and one of the most admired singers in the Arab world. Fairuz is an icon, and just like in her song Baadak ala bali (You’re still on my mind) – will continue to stay on the minds of her numerous fans.

english translation:

Summer rushed past with appointments
And the air rustled the grape bunches
And we didn’t hear any news about you oh moon
And not a single person waved to us
As the nights came and went
And you’re still on my mind, my mind

arabic original:

مرق الصيف بمواعيدو
والهوي لملم عناقيدو
وما عرفنا خبر
عنك يا قمر
ولاحدا لوحلنا با يدو
وبتطل الليالي وبتروح الليالي
وبعدك على بالي على بالي

So, to honour Fairuz, I’ve gathered a nice collection of her records (in photos). Enjoy.


Fayrouz EH FI AMAL --- -- --- BY ZIAD RAHBANY




For more of Fairuz and her lovely tunes – go to Fairuz YouTube channel.


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