art of resistance, Iraq

Short Stories from Troubled Societies: The Saddam City.

Ziyah Gafić is a photographer I’ve been loving and following for couple of years now. He’s been all over the Middle East and has dealt with conflict areas through his work for more than a decade.

Due to all the news pouring in from Iraq lately, I’ve decided to post a part of Ziyah’s Short Stories from Troubled Societies , a part concerning Iraq. It’s a photo essay called Saddam City.

As Gafić writes it:

“These photo-essays unpretentiously seek to illuminate the pattern of questionable international involvement and focus on the people left behind, struggling to restore some kind of daily order in their damaged environments.”







1233all photos ©Ziyah Gafić

For more on this photo essay, and other work by Gafić, go to his official website.


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