art of resistance, Iraq

Iraq is flying!

Jamal Penjweny is an amazing Iraqi Kurdish photographer and a filmmaker I’ve already written about.

This time I want to present his lovely photo series Iraq is flying. It is so fresh and – uplifting!

Artist statement:

The memories from our childhood still exist, or in another expression, we still carry a bit of the child inside us. Jumping was my dream when I was a child. I wanted to fly through a highest jump to watch my house and the road from the sky and to see the entire city where I was born. It never happened! I had no chance to have a flight by airplane even once in my childhood. Now! I can see my city and even all Iraq from the tiny window of the airplane, but everything looks different. When I was a child, I used to jump with my friends for joy and happiness. I only dreamt of watching my place from height for no reason. But now! We are flying in a big competition and we all have forgotten the beauty of the games we had in childhood.

Iraq is Flying. 1

Iraq is Flying. 3

Iraq is Flying. 5

Iraq is Flying. 6

Iraq is Flying. 7

Iraq is Flying. 9

Iraq is Flying. 10

Iraq is Flying. 12

Iraq is Flying. 14

Iraq is Flying. 15

Iraq is Flying. 18

Iraq is Flying. 19

Iraq is Flying. 20

Iraq is Flying. 21

iraq is flying. 23all images © Jamal Penjweny

For more of Penjweny’s inspiring work – go to his official website.


2 thoughts on “Iraq is flying!

  1. I see so much hope when I look at those pictures. The photographer captures them so incredibly well. Thanks for sharing them. Iraq can be great again!

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