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The Wakhan Corridor: A different, peaceful Afghanistan.

Benjamin Rasmussen is a freelance photographer based in Denver, Colorado. He spent his childhood with an indigenous people group on an island in the southern Philippines, his university years with evangelicals in a small town in northern Arkansas, and a year with the descendants of Vikings in the Faroe Islands, a nation of 45,000 residents in the middle of the North Atlantic.

Let’s put it this way – if it’s rare, unique, thrilling, if it smells like old stories and long-term survival – he’ll probably be there to capture it.

All of that is visible in his photo series Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor.

Artist statement:

The Wakhan Corridor, located in the northeastern corner of Afghanistan, is unlike anyplace else in the country.  The two people groups who reside in the region live in isolation from the outside world; with the Kyrgyz living on the high peaks of the Pamir Mountains, and the Wakhi in the valleys bellow.  With little interaction with foreign forces or the Taliban, it is an area that exists outside of the turmoil of the rest of the Afghanistan.






tumblr_my8v7zNtXo1rouua1o3_500 - Copy

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tumblr_my8v7zNtXo1rouua1o1_500 - Copy

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tumblr_my8v7zNtXo1rouua1o2_500 - Copyall images © Benjamin Rasmussen

For more of Rasmussen’s work, go to his official website.


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