art of resistance, Iran, tea + food

Persian Coke Cans.

These are not Andy Warhol Campbell’s soup cans. These are Persian Coke cans. 

The person behind this project is Shirin Hosseinvand. About her Persian Coke  Can project, she wrote:

My goal was to create a harmonious effect, give ethnic identity to the concept of globalization and mass production by painting Persian miniatures (from Shahnameh about drinking) on Coke cans. These beautiful paintings (illustration of Shahnameh book about drinking habits) covered Coke cans and connected Past to the Present, East to West, and Mysticism & Love with industrialism. Shahnameh’s miniature illustrations are a great example for Persian art and& culture and Coke is the best example of industrialism and globalization. By covering Coke cans with Persian miniatures, a cultural interaction between countries has been created and Coke cans, which are sold with the same logo & color in 200 countries, have adopted a specific consumer society’s ethnic identity.




tumblr_mguliyBZdP1qiaw1ao4_1280 (1)

tumblr_mguliyBZdP1qiaw1ao5_1280photos © Shirin Hosseinvand

Read more about this artwork on Artio.


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