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Time travel booth: Palestine.

This is another Palestine time travel moment! What can I say – I love old photos…

collecting water, 1933

palestinian women collecting water, 1933.

gaza street scene 1918 -Gaza streets, 1918.

isto 1918 - 1935

Palestinian woman, somewhere between 1918. – 1933.

bookseller in jerusalem, palestine 1935bookseller in jerusalem, plaestine, 1935,

soccer match, 1897 -1918

 a soccer match, period 1897. – 1918.

springtime in palestine 1918 - 1935

 springtime in Palestine, photo taken sometime between 1918. – 1933.

students from safed, 1943

 students from Safed, 1943.


A girl leads her blind grandfather. 1934 Tabariya, Palestine.

These great photos, and a lot of more great things can be found on ThePalestineYouDontKnow.


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