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Glorious (and beyond sweet) tea rituals in the Middle East.

Tea time!

Now, I’ve already posted about the glorious mint tea all over the Middle East, so this post explores the other kinds of tea enjoyed throughout the Middle East, and the sweets/fruit eaten with it traditionally. Of course, there are some amazing teapots included, because of their beauty and uniqueness. All in all, it’s a small tea ceremony (most of the photos I found on Pinterest). Enjoy.

arabic teaLet the games begin.

hibiscus, karkade tea


Hibiscus tea or kerkade, very much loved in Turkey, Egypt and Sudan, among others.

Maamoul-moldsMa’amoul molds

mamoulMaamoul are small shortbread pastries filled with dates, pistachios or walnuts, often eaten with tea.

morroccan tea biscuitsMoroccan tea biscuits with almonds

persian chaTea served with sweet sweet baklava (pastry filled with chopped nuts)

persian date bread, perfect with teaPersian date bread with turmeric and cumin, perfect with tea

persian teaa potPersian teapot

pistachio baklava cake - twistbaklava with a twist – pistachio baklava cake

qatarblack tea serving in Qatar

tea and datestea is often served with dried fruits, dates particularly

teaMoroccan teapot and cups



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