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A little bit of magic.

I very often spend late night hours going through tumblrs and blogs on/from Middle East, since there are many great ones, with so much inspiration, so much heart break, and so much magic.

Here are some random moments that kinda work great together (to me). They capture the magic, whether they’ve crawled out of some old photo album or they’re freshly made graffiti on a half-destroyed building.


cairoCairo, Egypt

moroccoMorocco. Marrakech. Medina. Around the old fortified walls. 1977

tumblr_mfpzynDlEA1r033j0o1_1280Palestinian youth practice their parkour skills in Khan Younis in southern Gaza.

sweets in iraqsweets shop, Iraq

tumblr_n0adwqOo541qarjnpo1_400Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” on the facade of a bullet-ridden building in Damascus. Artwork by Tammam Azzam 

(P.S. I will post more about Azzam and his work soon).


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