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Time travel – Palestine 100 years ago.

It’s always interesting to scroll through black and white photos, bringing faces and stories of old times to life again.

This is Palestine in late 19th and early 20th century, before occupation.

5474_361763583932870_593157385_nel-nasr street / nablus 1932


318828_369139259861969_673750952_nJerusalem markets in 1898 

389041_372759769499918_1342431498_nJordan River in 1900 

551458_366477583461470_978730383_nA Girl From Jericho -1890

580213_359795597463002_2109564709_nHebron on 1937

602218_365999833509245_1071796919_nFisherman From Galilee, early 20th century

940946_373211802788048_1997505918_nDr.Chafika Abboud, gynecologist in the Palestinian government hospital in Akka 1928.

935773_377504732358755_53217620_nA palestinian lady from Bethlehem in 1928

All photos are collected by Palestinian Photo Club, so visit their facebook page for more. There’s a great collection in their album Historic Palestine.


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