Iran, travel

Little Iranian adventures – Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan.

So, my friends Nikola and Kristijan just got back from their little Iranian adventure. They’ve spent two weeks traveling around Iran, enjoying its sights, food, shisha, and above all – people. They loved every second of it and sware it’s one of the best places ever.

Since those are big words, I asked Nikola for some photos and little stories I could share here (photos are from Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan).

Let’s start!

1979717_10152375912756385_1467544098_nIranians enjoy a good picnic, even if it’s on a carpet in the middle of the city (unlike this one), and many of them will ask you to join them, sit down, and have some tea and shisha, even if their english is very basic.

1964927_10152375904046385_1774008960_nThe traffic can be compelling, but you start to enjoy the craziness after a while.

1489108_10152375919041385_1282059478_nBut – they’ve warned you  – cross with care, even if it’s green. 

969861_10152375911366385_563476483_nThere are many beautiful mosques, of course.

1558564_10152375904441385_1625266536_nAnd Golestan Palace is just amazing.

10150679_10152375905721385_410556967_nSome beautiful details to note.

1743547_10152375907611385_673761343_nThere are so many places to lie down, have some tea, have some shisha (look at the beautiful persian rugs). It’s one big chill out zone throughout the country.

69578_10152375904381385_173054647_nnot to forget – some shiny, nonetheless – beautiful interiors. 

1506817_10152375913261385_121589937_nand a guy chilling in a boat (no water anywhere)

1011275_10152375909136385_1242360661_ngreat bazaars and tons of spices

1899976_10152375906656385_293513303_ngreat little villages, and countryside routes

1458502_10152375906841385_721914521_nplayful children, very welcoming towards the strangers

1480529_10152375906756385_1487509404_n plenty of nice buildings to enjoy.

1557563_10152375907286385_128717480_nand – they drive bikes in Iran, too.

1920349_10152375919891385_750120905_nall in all – you just love getting lost out there.

10150567_10152375904516385_1178809145_nand they just might mike you feel (and look) like a king. These are my friends – Nikola and Kristijan.

P.S. Iran made them millionaires for the first time too (1EUR = 34590.58 Iranian Rials).



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