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Mothers of Martyrs – life cuts captured by Newsha Tavakolian.

Newsha Tavakolian is an Iranian photographer.

She started her career at the age of 16, as a junior photographer for the Iranian women’s daily Zan-e Rooz. She also worked with other reformist newspapers and by the early 1990s had established herself as one of Tehran’s few female photojournalists, working internationally and particularly focussing on women’s issues.

She is a founder member of the EVE international collective of women photojournalists, established in 2006 and of Rawiya, a collective of women photographers from the Middle East, founded in 2011.

newsha_tavakolianMothers of Martyrs

Her series ‘Mothers of Martyrs‘ shows elderly Iranian women holding framed photographs of their sons who died decades earlier in the Iran–Iraq war (1980–8). The double portraits attest to photography’s emotive power.

tavakolianMothers of Martyrs

Some of the fallen soldiers look remarkably young, and as Tavakolian notes, the mothers “are getting older, but their boys will always stay the same age.”

82_12-r2Mothers of Martyrs

For more of Newsha’s work, got to her official website.


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