Israeli - Palestinian conflict, Palestine

Israeli air strikes on Gaza continue.

A series of Israeli air strikes on Friday targeted several areas in the Gaza Strip. Israeli warplanes launched at dawn, four air strikes on the city of Rafah, south of the Strip and two others on an area northwest of Gaza city.

It is the most intense bombing of the Gaza Strip since the assault of late 2012. Around 30 Israeli attacks have hit Gaza since Wednesday following a barrage of Palestinian rocket fire. No casualties have been reported on either side. The group Islamic Jihad has claimed responsibility for the rocket attacks in what it called a response to earlier Israeli strikes that killed three people. More rockets have now been fired from Gaza as the flare-up continues for a third day.

Overall, at least six Palestinians have died in Israeli attacks on the Occupied Territories this week. The casualties include a Palestinian judge living in Jordan who was fatally shot while crossing the border to visit his comatose daughter. Israel says the victim was fired on after he tried to seize a soldier’s weapon. A witness, however, claims he was shot after shoving a soldier who had forced him to the ground. Israel has expressed “regret” for the incident but has refused to apologize. Another victim was a male Palestinian teen shot by a soldier at point-blank range.


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