art of resistance, Syria

Little Syrian Fighters.

Photographer Matej Lancic went to a Syrian refugee camp  Faida, near Zahle in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, while working on a project about Syrian refugees.

He heard the children singing a song written by their teacher, and decided to do a photo essay inspired by that song.

It’s called Syria Paradise.

Syria Paradise

We all coming back to rebuild you,

Syria, Syria, Syria,

I’ll not give up learning,

I’ll be better than all,

In my morality,

It’s my right to learn,

I don’t want to live in pain,

No, no, no.

Many children in this camp are traumatized, but that this was not meant to be the focus of his photo essay.

Enjoy his photos and check out his website.

1MLchildren have gathered in front of the school to wait for class to start.

2MLthey listen to a lecture and learn.

3MLa girl holding her notebook.

3ML1The teacher uses the resources available to him because the school lacks basic tools, such as a blackboard.

4MLa girl showing her drawings.

5MLThe children use strong gestures in their acting class.

7MLAnd sing the song all together, loud.



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