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Antakya: The Most Arab City in Turkey.

Antakya  is the seat of the Hatay Province in southern Turkey, near the border with Syria. Both Turkish and Arabic are still widely spoken in Antakya, although written Arabic is rarely used. A mixed community of faiths and denominations co-exist peacefully here.

It is considered the most arabic city in Turkey. I got interested in the stories of Antakya when I saw the photo essay by John Wreford. I googled my way around and found some more beautiful photos to illustrate all the attractions of the city and its region. I will post only some of them. For more, click and see Wreford’s essay and Jack Brauer’s mountain photography. 

Various cultures, the mountains and amazing landscape beside, the city is famous for its cuisine too, or – to use Wreford’s words – Ask any Turk about Antakya and it’s not its ethnic tolerance that springs to mind. Rather, it’s a subject that rises above all others – cuisine. Antakya’s prominent position on the Silk Road and its cultural mixing pot have no doubt contributed to its exemplary repertoire. I didn’t get around to trying the Conger Eels netted in the Orontes river but the spicy Cevizli Biber had me running to the nearest Kunafe cafe to cool the fire burning on my lips.

Enjoy this small selection of photos.





Flowers and Roman Wall

Antakya Carving

Antakya Minaret



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