Guantanamo, Syria

U.K.: Former Guantánamo Prisoner Moazzam Beg Remanded in Custody on Syria Terrorism Claims

Moazzam Beg, a former Guantánamo Bay prisoner who spent three years in U.S. custody without charge or trial has been ordered to remain in detention in Britain following his arrest on terrorism charges related to the conflict in Syria. Moazzam Begg appeared in a London court Saturday while hundreds of supporters rallied in his home city of Birmingham. Begg, who heads the prisoner advocacy group Cage, says he has been “harassed” by authorities for investigating British complicity in torture.

Over the past couple of years, Moazzam gave couple of interviews to Democracy Now. In one of them, he said:

 Because the direct threat that we hear about all of this war on terror is that we are fighting the ideology. We imprison people in a preemptive way to stop them from committing acts of terror. Then what about Timothy McVeigh’s associates and the people in America, through all of the militias and the armed groups and so forth, that continue to plague the United States of America by carrying weapons openly and indiscriminately shooting people? Surely that is an aspect of terrorism.

But because it’s homegrown, it was argued to me by many interrogators, this is something that we can deal with. What we can’t deal with is something that’s from outside of the state, and we have to deal with it in a military response and launch the war on terror.

But, of course, terrorism is a crime. You don’t launch wars on crime, you crack crime, you solve crime. And to say that somehow the military is going to be able to — is now a crime fighter, removes the ability or the understanding of people, what people have, of what crime is supposed to be about.

Watch the full interview here.

We’ll see how the story will continue, keep you updated.


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