art of resistance, Iran

Humans of Tehran.

Iran is not THE devil of our planet and it’s definitely not all you read and hear about it in the (western) news. There are some great initiatives aiming to present a better (inside) view on everyday life in Iran. One of those is a facebook page Humans of Tehran. Believe it – Tehran is not as far away as you might think it is!

These are some of my favourite moments they captured. Be sure to check out their page for more.


a project on the streets of Tehran


“Sometimes I like to close my eyes and imagine that I’m in a beautiful village, surrounded by children, away from this photo exhibition, away from this cafe.”
Hanieh. Seen at Cafe Estinas.


“I’ve been painting here for fifteen years, disability and all, I love what I do.”
Hossein. Artist.


Ever since I saw the pictures of colorful stairs of Beirut and Istanbul, I wanted to do this in our neighborhood. A volunteer team of my friends have painted the longest public staircase in Shahrak-e Apadana. The stairs still exist and I hope it never gets back to their original grey color just to put a smile on people’s faces.
Tehran needs more incentives like this. Pick up your brush and come.


– “What are your names?”

– “They call us David and the Red Gypsy.”

– “Ummm. Okay … [awkward pause]… Is there anything you’d like to tell Humans of Tehran fans?”

– David: “Yeah, ‘Don’t seek me in this world or the other. They have both disappeared in the world where I am’… it’s a poem by Rumi.”
– Red Gypsy: “I’m a creature who’s turned her back to the depressing everyday of this mundane world.”


-“So I have this project called Humans of Tehran, and I was wondering if I can…”
-“Just cut to the chase. You want to take a picture, don’t you?
He turns to his friend.
“Give me those lights man!”

Siamak, selling tissues, light-up bows, and a secondhand (packaged) mobile phone near Parkway.


-Good Morning! Can I take a photo of you?
-Sure! Just don’t show it to your grandma. She might fall in love with me.


“My best friend’s name is Asal. I think I’m in love with her.”


“Did you know dairy makes people live longer? True fact.”
Hossein. Dairy Shop Owner.


 “My shop is frequented by hippies. They seem to like the whole desi-inspired theme I’ve got going on.”

Ali. Boutique Owner.


“Where did you guys meet?”
“In the theatre. I’m a stage actor and she’s a fan of the performing arts.”
“What was the first play you saw together?”
“Storm – a foreign production that we got a chance to see at the Fajr Theatre. I hated it but I really liked the last thing we saw, “6&8″ by Nima Dehghan.”


“The limit of our world depends on the quality of our thoughts… I’ve always believed in that.”


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