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Wadi Rum, Jordan: The Valley of the Moon

Some months ago, I was a little explorer in Jordan.

I discovered many wonders on my way, and one of them is a place where stars come so close to the ground, it seems they are going to break on it. The moon is the king, high above, sunsets are mild and and spreading all over the endless meadows of sand.

People are kind and welcoming, their hands rough and faces patterned by the years of sun and sand.

Breathing is easier out there. There is something particularly powerful about the desert scenery, it extends your horizon endlessly, and cleans your soul like a strong wind, deprives it of everything that’s not important.

There was a lot of magnificent silence while I took these photos.

Enjoy and be sure to put Wadi Rum on the list of your travel wishes.

484788_10202458749008618_1434548075_ncamel ride from the Wadi Rum village to the beduin camp


our beduin guide at Lawrence’s house


just one of the amazing sights


the sand color is amazing – brown/redish


old inscriptions


one of many beautiful canyons


a tent where you can have tea, or “beduin whiskey” as they call it , and some traditional sweets

1422528_10202458774249249_2086583386_n (1)

sun going down, leaving the sky to the moon


little girl in Wadi Rum village


tour jeeps on their way (the area is huge, and if you want to see it all in couple of days you need to use these)


amazing nature – rocks, rocks, and more rocks, and then a tree, blossoming under the dry sun


take it all in, I say.


sand everywhere, so wear proper shoes. or just take them off!


The tree of life



our guide lost in translation


children love their camels, Wadi Rum village


and yeah – there are so many great (free) climbing spots.

P.S. unfortunately, I do not own a good camera, so the photos are not giving this beauty all the credit it deserves.


2 thoughts on “Wadi Rum, Jordan: The Valley of the Moon

  1. Jordan is a second home for me, thank you for capturing the heart of Jordan with your photographs, I take it you have explored it well? !!! 🙂

    • thank you, i am glad you like it! It was a beautiful trip, I visited Wadi Rum, Petra, Amman, went all around. really gorgeus country and nice people 🙂 would like to spend more time there sometime in the future!

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