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Palestinian Circus School: Always look on the bright side of life!

First time I ever heard about the Palestinian Circus School is when I saw the photo essay Palestinian Women by Samar Hazboun with (among others) this photo:


The Palestinian circus is modest with basic equipment. Yet, two sisters Majd and Mays play a vital role in the company, expressing their freedom and rejection of occupation through various symbolic plays and dances reflecting hope and a rejection of oppression. The sisters have performed in many countries and have had great success not only as “entertainers” but as messengers and mediators of the Palestinian case.

After reading that, I went to their site to find out more.

The Palestinian Circus School dreams of a free Palestine in which Palestinians engage in a dynamic cultural and artistic life that embraces creativity, freedom of expression and diversity as the main pillars for a just and inclusive society.

By creating and performing circus productions, they want to instill hope among the population, promote the freedom of expression and raise local and international awareness about Palestinian arts and the many challenges of the Palestinian society.

They did a lot of things throughout the years, and these are some of the photos I chose to present their work to you.

It’s lovely!



Maftoul Festival 4_0


IMG_8861 copy_0


Maftoul Festival 3

By offering trainings in circus arts to Palestinian children and youth, the Palestinian Circus School wants to develop a new art form in Palestine and strengthen the creative and physical potential of the Palestinians, seeking to engage and empower them to become constructive actors in society.





Photo by Brendan Work_0

If you like it, share and support their work!


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