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Humans of Lebanon.

When in wars, when facing stereotypes and packed stories every day, it’s important to use all the tools given to show the other side of the story, or to look for the other side of the story (there’s always more stories in one story). That is one of the main reasons for the existence of this blog and today I present you a really nice initative from Lebanon.

Humans of Lebanon is a great facebook page to feel and smell the daily life in Lebanon today, and this is a small collection of the photos/stories I really like. If you like this, be sure to check out  their page for more!

76years old barber

Georges Haddad is a 76 year-old barber from Mousaytbeh, Beirut, who runs his own barber shop in Gemmayzeh.
“Although I’ve set a fixed fee, I still find a way to make all my customers happy, even those who can’t afford something as simple and cheap as a haircut” he says.


Beirut’s “green man”


“I’m just pruning the vines”, Bekaa Valley


This young Syrian teenager cheerfully worked despite the cold temperatures removing dead vines after pruning in the Beqaa Valley. 

beirut hersh festival

Spotted at the Yearly Beirut Hersh Festival. 


I posted this poster around Beirut 1 year ago and it felt wonderful, I wanted to share with you all today, last day of 2012. Let’s spread the positivity and if you can do the similar in your area, please do.

fireworks are cheap and fun

“fireworks are cheap and fun”

going to play backgammon with my gradnpa

Hello. Where are you going? 

Hello, going to play backgammon with my grandpa.

Mr Cotillon, selling them every day

Here’s Mr. Cotillon.
Although they were usually (still are?) sold on New year’s eve, this man spends 365 days selling them. He hangs around Souk el Ahad. You’ll instantly recognize him by his.. 

my home, my protection, my stories

“My home, my protection, my stories”

painting it up

painting it up

saida sweet shop

Here’s the father of the actual owner of this tiny but exceptional Saida sweet shop.

say cheese, scholl in tripoli

Say cheese, school in Tripoli

spotted in jbeil

spotted in Jbeil

syrian refugees

“We are refugees.
نحن لاجئون”
Syrian refugees at Ammik, Bekaa. 

were enjoying the sunset

We’re enjoying the sunset


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