Israeli - Palestinian conflict, movie/tv propaganda

The miracles of IDF.

IDF gives me goosebumps, really.

I might really be a masochist, since I regularly check their official facebook page.

Yeah, an army. Has an official facebook page (and twitter, and instagram). Gotta work that social media.

So here is a small collection of the best photos they’ve published, in my humble opinion (there will be more in some other posts).

A lot of tanned, beautiful girls, with big white smiles – it’s like all these California shows I used to watch as a child. But these chicks are not going to the beach, they live in a war zone, and it’s apparently – fun fun.

But it’s not just the girls – they take care of EVERYTHING. Take a look.

296202_589350701087804_1287847546_nlook at these girls. so radiant. who wouldn’t give them a shout out?

push youself

doing push ups, looking fab. #IDF

946839_588900547799486_1971383897_nThey love animals too. #gentle #human 

999482_589945481028326_244737149_nUnited together, black or white, Israel or US – doesn’t matter. #smile

1003425_587670561255818_1956809279_nbasically – even if you have a heart failure, can’t escape IDF. #back in 6months yay


and yeah – the heart warming messages, #audrey hepburn #impossible is nothing #be the change you want to see #inspiring

1186136_617055194984021_1797216857_nthey also care about healthy living. look at her, eating apple mouse and chilling with her rifle. #organic food #go green

1381563_635313299824877_498946201_nthey are there to answer all your questions. #transparent #no propaganda

1390540_695214260501447_168008597_nThey care about your religious backgrounds and respect it. #aretha franklin #respect

1426204_677125932310280_1996784797_nAnd of course – they are there to wish you a happy happy Hanuka too. #childish #playful #inoccent

1560604_716425721713634_603263673_nThey’ve got their facts covered and on spot. #deadlier than ever #deadlier than dead #so deadly #pointed #waiting

to 400 000. geronimoThey want you to share the joy. #like #share #in this together

983769_576980382324836_808704543_nAnd of course, they take care of the mother Earth. guess all that olive trees uprooting helps too. And look at her, so nice. #save the world #windmills


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