Anti-Drone Activist Missing in Pakistan

Author: Democracy now

An anti-drone activist and journalist has gone missing in Pakistan just days before he was due to travel to Europe to speak with Parliament members about the impact of the U.S. drone wars. The legal charity Reprieve says Karim Khan was seized in the early hours of February 5 by up to 20 men, some wearing police uniforms. He has not been seen since. Khan’s brother and son were both killed in a drone strike. He criticized the U.S. drone wars in an interview with filmmaker Madiha Tahir for the film, “Wounds of Waziristan.”

Karim Khan: “You asked me a question about terrorism. Can I ask you one? What is the definition of terrorism or terrorist?”

Madiha Tahir: “I don’t know. What do you think it is?”

Karim Khan: “I think there is no bigger terrorist than Obama or Bush, those who have weaponry like drones, who drop bombs on us while we are in our homes. There are no greater terrorists than them.”

Khan was also engaged in legal proceedings against the Pakistani government for their failure to investigate the killings of his son and brother. The executive director of Reprieve, Clare Algar, said in a statement, “We are very worried about Mr. Khan’s safety. He is a crucial witness to the dangers of the CIA’s covert drone program, and has simply sought justice for the death of his son and brother through peaceful, legal routes.”


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